Three Bridges FC Photos

Action photos from matchdays

Whether   you   can   make   the   games   or   not   you   can   follow   the   fortunes of   Three   Bridges   Football   Club   from   the   comfort   of   your   home.      This year   sees   the   first   year   in   the   Rymans   League,   new   opposition,   new grounds to visit, new challenges lay ahead. I   will   make   as   many   matches   as   I   can   and   post   the   photos   on   this site   as   soon   as   work   will   allow.   Please   bear   with   me   as   it   takes   a   fair amount   of   time   to   go   through   the   photos,   and   even   more   to   edit   the images   and   post   on-line.      Photography   is   a   hobby   for   me   and   paying work must always take priority.

Seasons Gone By

Photos   from   the   previous   two   seasons   are   available   to   view   on-line. Simply   select   the   button   for   the   season   you   require   at   the   top   of   the screen   and   away   you   go!   You   can   keep   updated   by   following   me   on FaceBook Any   questions   or   queries   please   email   me   or   catch   up   with   me   on   a matchday, before or after the game, but please not during!! Matchday Photos

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Please   feel   free   to   browse   my site.      All      my      photos      are copyright   protected,   if   you   like one   please   buy   on-line.      Its   a simple   process,   and   for   each photo    sold    I    will    donate    a percentage   of   the   sale   to   the club.        Help    me    to    continue taking   photos   by   buying   some prints.
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